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2022-23 Breeding List

** Confirmed pregnant

Doe Name Buck Name Due Buck Kid Price Kid Availability
Noble-Oaks KH Ayala 89 (EEEV) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum RM Xavier 90 (VEE) Possibly June NFS All kids retained
GCH (pend)Caelum Parvum NC Anemone   88 (V+EE) Caelum Parvum CPH Berlin Falls 12-10-22 NFS All kids retained
Tempo Passa Eryx Eudril 11*M 90 (VEVE) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids V.H. Rhodes 1-7-23 $900  
Tempo Passa HRL Eressea 12*M 91 (VEEE) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids V.H. Rhodes 12-10-22 $1000  
Caelum Parvum CPO Polaris 1*M 89 (VVEE) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum NC Anteres  88 (VEV) 12-10-22 $750  
GCH (pend) Caelum Parvum MH Willow 1*M 90 (EEEE) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum RM Xavier 90 (VEE) 12-12-22 $800 1st buck 2nd choice reserved
GCH (pend) Caelum Parvum CPX Faerie 12*M 88 (VEVV) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum NC Anteres 88 (VEV) 12-24-22 $500  
Caelum Parvum NC Andromeda 1*M Celtic-Knot Kai's Dandelion
Caelum Parvum CPH Berlin Falls
12-3-22 $500  
Caelum Parvum FPSC Dynasty 89 (VEVE) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum RM Xavier 90 (VEE) 12-10-22 $700  
GCH (pend) Caelum Parvum CX Asgarth Falls 88 (VEVE) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum NC Anteres 88 (VEV) June $750 1st buck reserved
Caelum Parvum RM Blithe 87 (VEVV) CH (pend) Caelum Parvum NC Anteres 88 (VEV) 12-3-22 $650  
Caelum Parvum FPSC Azeri CH (pend) Caelum Parvum RM Xavier 90 (VEE) 12-10-22 TBD  
Caelum Parvum CPM Echo Jen-Mae-Ka Kids V.H. Rhodes June TBD  
Caelum Parvum CPX Honestia CH (pend) Caelum Parvum NC Anteres 88 (VEV) End of December TBD  
Caelum Parvum FAM Infiniti CH (pend) Caelum Parvum RM Xavier 90 (VEE) Kidded 11-30-22   Nothing available
Caelum Parvum CPM Saoirse Jen-Mae-Ka-Kids V.H. Rhodes 1-7-23 TBD  
Caelum Parvum CPM Integrity Celtic-Knot Kai's Dandelion June TBD  
* Bucks NFS from first freshener

Sales Terms & Conditions

We thank you for your interest in purchasing a kid from our herd. We ask that you contact us for availability.

We require a deposit of $100 per kid. The balance is due within 14 days after the kid's birth. Cash, checks or Paypal are accepted. If payment is not received in full by the due date, we reserve the right to find another buyer for the kid and retain your deposit. Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up (or shipped) at 4-6 weeks of age. Prices do not include health certificates, testing, or shipping fees (airline costs, shipping crates). These fees are the responsibility of the buyer. You are always welcome to schedule an appointment to pick up your kid on the farm. This ensures a smooth transfer. Complete ADGA registration applications are provided only after all purchases are paid in full. Discounts for 4H and FFA youth are available.

Please select a first choice kid, as well as a second choice in the event that your first choice is not available. We do reserve the right to retain any animal born on the farm for herd replacement, or withdraw an animal reserved for sale should it not meet our quality standards. If we are unable to fulfill your order, or if the animal does not meet our standards of quality, your deposit may be transferred to another choice, carried over to the following year, or refunded upon request. Deposits will not be refunded on cancelled orders.

We are very health-conscious about our herd. We actively test every animal, every year in January, for CAE, Brucellosis, Johne's, and CL. We are also a certified TB and Brucellosis free herd, and have maintained that status year after year. We do not knowingly sell animals with health or genetic/reproductive problems. For current health status, please visit our Herd Health page.

We care about our goats and would like to see them go to a good home. Since goats are social animals, we require that our buyers have at least one other goat as a companion. Occasionally, milkers for your family needs, and show quality goats will be offered. Bucklings are available from senior does, but not from first fresheners. We strive to provide high-quality goats, but cannot guarantee that your new goat will meet all of your expectations. Management of your herd is a key factor in determining how your goat turns out.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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